A Korean Based Book and Lunch


The Girl With Seven Names book club discussionA couple of months ago ( yes, I’m quite behind on my posts for this blog-hobby of mine ), I hosted my Book Club for lunch and a discussion based on the true story of a woman’s escape from the North Korea.  Here’s a look back at it.


Traditionally Koreans eat their meals at a low table while sitting on cushions on the floor.  However I chose to keep my group comfortable at the normal height of a table and chairs that we are used to.

book club food that coordinates with the book


Simple white dishes, white flowers

book club lunch table ideas

I put several maps on the table with cities (circled) that were significant in the book to the author, Hyeonseo Lee.  I thought it would be helpful for our group to see the actual locations in North Korea, South Korea, and China while we discussed the book.

(Source of all maps and photos:  Google)

book club lunch theme ideas

School children in North Korea must wear uniforms.  Their school days are filled with the state’s ideology.

They are taught and expected to behave with extreme reverence for Kim Jong-un ( when the author was a girl, it was his father, Kim Jong-il).

book club discussion The Girl with Seven Names

Photos of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s current Supreme Leader

books and food

“Rocket Man” – President Trump’s ‘affectionate’ nickname for Kim Jong-un

… Kim Jong-un sure does like to use his binoculars

book club discussion with north korea based book


In keeping with the spirit of the book, I served a Korean dish.

Easy Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef)

easy Korean main dish - bulgogi

Rice is typically is served

food coordinated with a Korean book

Fresh fruit may be served as a side dish or possibly for dessert

book club lunch coordinated with a book


Since it was autumn, I served a classic fall dessert (not Korean), Carmel Apple Pie

carmel apple pie


The Girl with Seven Names book club discussion

Overall this book got high marks from our group.  I rated it only average-plus.  I think one of the main reasons I didn’t give it a higher rating was I expected it to be more like Not Without My Daughter (a book – also a true story) that I read many years ago which I found so intense while I was reading it, I could barely put the book down.  There were also times in this book I felt the Ms. Lee’s detailed escape dragged on too much.

I thought the most interesting parts of the book were reading about everyday life living in North Korea under Kim Jong-il’s reign.

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4 Responses to A Korean Based Book and Lunch

  1. Lynn says:

    Thank You. I enjoy your posts and get ideas. Four friends and myself have started a Ladies Literary Luncheon group. We meet every other month and the hostess serves a book inspired luncheon and facilitates the book discussion. So far , it has been great. Mademoiselle Chanel and Eleni were our first two books with French and Greek luncheons. So fun. Happy Reading Lynn

  2. Melinda Ecker says:

    I would like to do a similar luncheon idea for my book club. Where did you get the maps I see in the pictures? I have only listened to the book on audible–are there maps in the books itself of her journey? Thanks!!

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