A Valentine’s Day Dinner with Our New Texas-Based Gourmet Group

Valentine's Day tablescape ideas

We hosted an inaugural dinner Saturday, February 13 to kick off the start of a new Texas Gourmet Group we have down south.


Hubby and I have been spending the colder months this year in Texas.  The topic of our current “Up North Gourmet Group” happened to come up when we were with friends back in December. One of the couples had never heard us talk about it, and asked us more about it.  They became quite intrigued by the concept, and were interested in us starting a similar cooking group here in Texas.  In a matter of a short time, we had 4 couples interested in forming a Group here in Texas.

All of us met casually one day to discuss the details of how we wished to proceed as a Cooking Group – format a group similar to the one we currently have had for years up north or instead maybe have a more-relaxed “Supper Club Cooking Group”, and how often we wanted to get together.

   Our group decided they liked the way our Up North Gourmet Group has done it, and we would proceed the same way.  The hosts would plan the entire menu including recipes, and then give each couple one of those recipes to prepare for the meal.

We offered to host the first Gourmet Group in our home since we had done it before.  Our Group selected a mutual first date to start – Saturday, February 13th.

Our Texas group is made up of couples who love to eat good food and also love to cook!  One of the couples is even currently taking virtual cooking lessons with a chef located in Spain!

This was a Group that was ENTHUSIATIC to start!

Covid and Things

One of the couples had a conflict with our first date (a birthday celebration for their mother) so for our first date, there were just 6 of us which worked better for table distancing.  By the time we get together for our second date, at least half of our group (maybe more?) will have received both doses of the vaccine:-)

I was very happy that our first date to host happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  I  absolutely love tablescapes both creating and perusing them.  Having a Valentine’s Day theme provided me with an easier theme to work with for both the tablescape and the menu.


valentine's day details


Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine's Day house details ideas


~ Pretty in Pink ~


Valentine's Day table ideas


Valentine's Day table ideas


Valentine's Day table ideas


Valentine's Day table ideas

Valentine's Day tablescape ideas


Place Setting Details

A white rose for each of the ladies.

valentine's day dinner ideas


Children’s Valentine Cards were used for place cards.

Valentine's Day table ideas


Of course with it being Valentine’s Day, we had to give our guests treat boxes.

valentine's day dinner party ideas



I wanted to see what the table would look like if there had been eight of us for dinner.

Just because the other couple weren’t able to come that night, I still gave them treat boxes and a rose.

Valentine's Day table ideas


Valentine's Day tablescape ideas

Valentine's Day table ideas



valentine's day dinner menu ideas


Charcuterie Board

Cheese cut into heart shapes for our Valentine’s Day themed dinner.

valentine's day dinner menu ideas

Polenta Bites with Wild Mushroom and Fontina

polenta bites with mushroom and fontina dinner party appetizer ideas

Figs with Bacon and Chile

This was one of My Favorite Things I ate that night.

The recipe called for crushed red pepper as the spice in it.  Our “chefs for this recipe” made the decision to replace the red pepper flakes with chipotle chili powder instead.  I loved that in spite of our group being brand new, they felt confident enough in their cooking skills to make this change from the recipe.  The chipotle gave the figs a tasty, interesting kick to them.  A change for the better I think!


valentine's day dinner menu ideas


Baked Goat Cheese Salad

This recipe appealed to me because it was one from the iconic Chef Alice Waters.

salad dinner party ideas (Alice Waters recipe)

Strawberry Cake

I loved the X and O sprinkles on top of the cake.

valentine's day dinner menu ideas


I wish I had membered to take a photo of the Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts.  They turned out very cute and were yummy!

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