A Wedding Story (from a Groom’s Mother): Their First Engagement Party

great ideas for engagement partiesMy oldest son got married last year on September 30th.

Even though, I ‘only’ was the groom’s mother this time, I still thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that very exciting time in my son (& now) daughter-in-law’s lives – just like I had previously for my daughter & son-in-law’s Wedding Journey three years before.

{If you would like to read more about my daughter & son-in-law’s Wedding Journey click here.}

This is the first in a series highlighting the Story of this Newlyweds’ Incredible Wedding Journey.

a wedding journey blog

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This Wedding Journey began (the year before) in October of 2016 with a proposal and a reply of “Yes” during a morning hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

a wedding journey blog

Since their engagement occurred in October, and the holidays came quickly afterwards, their engagement parties got delayed until the spring of 2017.  My husband and I gave the first one.

One of the first things I did in the planning process for the party was to enlist the help of my favorite local floral designer /florist, The Flower Studio.  Karen Cook, the owner, was the florist for my daughter’s wedding.  I love Karen’s design work, creativity, and she is a great listener.

I chose soft pinks and peaches as the primary colors for the flowers.


Family and friends who lived locally, along with the bride-to-be’s family, were on the invitation list.

engagement party invitation

The party was held on a Saturday evening in March 2017 at a local country club.  The format of it a cocktail party with heavy hors d’oeuvres.  Typical of Chicago weather in March, it was a fairly cold, cloudy day.


White hydrangea wreaths and white & black balloons tied to the stair railings greeted our guests at the country club’s doors.

a wedding journey

The white hydrangea wreaths turned out gorgeous!

engagement party ideas

wedding flower ideas


I wanted a Big Wow Factor when guests walked in the door.

Pink Cherry Blossoms with hanging votives took center stage.

Long stemmed tulips, glowing candles, rose petals, & some photos of the engaged couple…


gorgeous and special ideas for Engagement Party



A very important future date (their wedding date) displayed…

engagement party unique ideas

In the foyer area too was a small table where I put some flowers and photos.  In some of the secondary locations, I arranged the florals.

Hallway leading to the room where the party was held – more flowers and photos

a wedding journey

engagement party

engagement party special ideas


Since it was springtime, I asked Karen to include one of my favorite spring flowers in the bathroom arrangement ~ hyacinths.

When we entered the bathroom, there were wafts of the hyacinths’ delicious fragrant scent!

pretty flower ideas for bridal shower


pretty pink floral ideas


About 75 people attended, so I had the room set up with a good number of tables with seating and cocktail highboys

We also had 2 musicians for entertainment


More flowers and photos on a side table…

When I took this photo, the left side of the table remained empty – my counterpart (bride-to-be’s mother) was bringing a Wedding Memory Book to display and have the guests sign



simple pretty floral arrangements


beautiful floral arrangements for engagement party

pretty flowers for engagement party or shower

Instead of flowers, I loaded the fireplace mantle up with various sizes of white candles

engagement party ideas


A So-good fresh strawberry-filled cake

engagement party

engagement party cake

A full sheet cake was housed in the club’s kitchen till the time the cake was served


Silver gable boxes filled with treats for each guest to take home…

engagement party favors ideas

The boxes filled with some of the Bride & Groom-To-Be favorite candies…

bridal shower favor ideas


engagement party ideas

Packed and ready for our guests…



Next up in this Wedding Journey:

Engagement Party ~ Southern Style

a wedding journey highlights

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