A Holiday Lunch for Book Club

book club lunch

 With Christmastime approaching, I reached into my Book Club archives, and pulled out a discussion & lunch from last year that another gal hosted.  Here’s a quick look back it.


Her table was set with classic “Red Truck with a Christmas Tree” dishes, and red water glasses.  The dishes coordinated with a piece of holiday artwork (image above) that hung on her wall.


christmas table with red truck with christmas tree

Christmas dishes/plates with red truck


A chicken salad and a potato salad served on lettuce leaves

book club lunch at your house

Red velvet cake for dessert

book club in your home


Prayers the Devil Answers book review

This book overall was slow moving, but nonetheless we had an interesting discussion from it.  The book takes place in the 1930s in a rural Tennessee town in the Appalachian Mountains.  A woman serves out the term of sheriff after her husband’s tragic death.  The ties between the characters and the town’s secrets and superstitions made for most of our discussion.


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