A Book Themed Shower for Baby Girl

book themed baby shower

~ It’s a Girl! ~

Last fall, I hosted ( along with two of my sisters-in-law) a Book Themed Baby Shower for my niece.

The niece {husband’s side} was none other than the one whose Love is in the Air Bridal Shower, I hosted back in the spring of 2015.  Click here for a look at her Bridal Shower.

The Mom-to-Be had other baby showers that were given for her including one by my sister-in-law (& co-host of this one), the Grandma-to-Be.  The other showers had cute girlie themes (think barrettes, headbands, accessories).  So I had to come up with a totally different theme for this shower.

I went to sources like Pinterest for inspiration, and saw some book themed baby showers.  I asked Grandma-to-Be if the Mom-to-Be enjoyed books.  I learned Mom & Dad-to-Be were both readers.  At that point, being a lover of books myself, confirmed giving a book themed baby shower was a no-brainer.

I had a blast putting together all the book-related details for the shower.


Books ~ Books ~ Books

 It was quite clear to guests when they walked in the front door, this was a Book Themed Baby Shower…

book thmed baby shower


Simple florals and children’s books were my starting point…

Besides children’s books I had in the house, I also purchased a few kid’s soft covered books that were on clearance at my local used book store.  I ripped pages out of those books and scattered them across the table.

table ideas with book theme

table ideas with books

Many of the books {like the Nancy Drew books and The Giving Tree pictured above} that I used for shower décor details, I purchased from the used book store.  I gave all those books to Mom-to-Be after the shower.  She {like me} is very happy to have gently used books as part of her library.

A Second Table Close By…

baby shower book theme ideas


The Centerpiece

The Giving Tree and

Book Pages and Baby Girl Decorations Hanging from Silver Branches

baby shower inspiration

Gummi Worms for the Book Worm…

book theme tablescape ideas

baby shower with book theme inspiration


Noah’s Ark and some of his animals…

book theme baby shower ideas

Alice in Wonderland and her looking glass…

and more Gummi Worms for the Book Worm

baby shower book theme ideas

Old MacDonald and one of his farm animals…



I rented silver plate chargers and layered them with white plates with silver trim

Colored baby bracelets were used as napkin rings

baby girl shower ideas


I rented white folding chairs, and attached 4 pink ribbons to the back of each chair

Mommy-to-Be had a special place

baby girl shower ideas

baby girl shower inspiration


Baby girl onesies hung in the windows

baby girl shower ideas

My dining room chest – more books

book theme shower ideas


In keeping with the book theme, I called the shower a “Storybook Brunch”


We also asked each guest to bring a book in place of a card and/or as part of their gift to start a kids’ library for our Mom-to-Be.

I printed up “Book Plates” that each guest filled out with their name at the shower.  The book plates were affixed to the inside cover of the books.



I displayed 3 framed signs telling a short story about our Mom & Dad-to-Be…

This one was displayed with the drinks

{Dad-to-Be is a pilot}

book theme baby shower ideas


The “After Marrying…” sign was put out with the food

The “Sweet Endings” was displayed with the desserts

baby shower book theme



Of course the food we served had to coordinate with the book theme as well.  A book was displayed that related to each food dish served.  The three of us split up the food dishes and the coordinating books we supplied.

I printed up “Food/Book” tent signs for each food item.

book theme baby shower ideas

Peter Rabbit and his vegetable patch…

How fabulously creative was this veggie platter my sister-in-law made!!!

food ideas for book theme baby shower

We were still in the process of setting things up before guests arrived so kitchen background was still quite messy:(

The Very Hungry Caterpillar…

She also did a great job with this one too!

Each caterpillar had different colors (fruits)…

food for a book theme shower

Dyed coconut for the grass

book theme baby shower food

Green Eggs and Ham…

food to go with book theme shower

Three Little Pigs with a Blanket…

book theme baby shower ideas


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chicken Fingers…

food ideas for book theme baby shower

At the Pond One Day Flavored Water…

Ducks took the place of frogs

My sister-in-law also had little rubber ducks floating in the water too

book theme baby shower

A look at the food spread…

food for book theme baby shower

food ideas for book theme shower


Pinkalicious Sweet Treats

All things pink…

food for book theme baby girl shower

Pretty pink onesis cookies…

My two “Betty Crocker” pals ~ The Two Kathys ~ were nice enough to step up to bat again with their fabulous baking skills, and bake these darling cookies (& the cupcakes).  {They had also baked the wedding cookie favors for my daughter’s wedding.  Click here for a peek at those.}

food ideas for baby girl shower

Pink Cupcake Dress with Jewels

Cupcakes baked by The Two Kathys,  and then I arranged them on a poster board and added the white M & Ms giving a ‘belt effect’ to the dress…

Cupcake dress for baby girl shower

Madeline’s French Macaroons

food ideas for book theme baby shower

Berenstain Bears’ Gummi Bears


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Swedish Fish

book theme baby shower food ideas

A look at all the Sweet Endings goodies…

food ideas for book theme baby shower

book theme baby shower ideas - food


We played two quick games with “but of course” book themes {Game ideas found on a Google search} …

game ideas for book theme shower

game ideas for book theme baby shower



Baby Girl arrived on a late afternoon in December.
Her mommy has lots of  books to read to her now, and as Baby Girl grows into a young lady.

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