“Love is in the Air” Bridal Shower


"Love is in the Air" Bridal Shower theme

Almost two years ago, I hosted (along with the assistance of some sisters-in-law) a bridal shower for my nephew’s fiancé.

Here’s a look back at our:

Love is in the Air Bridal Shower


The Then-Bride-to-Be is a “sunflower” kind of gal (her wedding bouquet was sunflowers), and prefers a simpler style versus bling & glitz.   She was already having a Sunflower Theme Bridal Shower, so I had to think of a different concept.

My nephew {on my husband’s side}, the Then-Groom-to-Be, is a pilot.  So I came up with a pilot theme for the shower, and decided to call it “Love is in the Air”…

bridal shower with airline industry theme


Just a thought ~ Sometimes if you can just come up with a theme for an event you’re hosting, your creative juices will start flowing from that point, and give you with some fun or unique ideas/details for it.


The Bride-to-Be also loved vintage, so I incorporated vintage materials such as ivory lace and burlap.

I displayed some pics on my foyer chest of the engaged couple & also grandparents’ wedding photos.  In keeping with a vintage look, I edited the photos from color to black & white, and inserted them in picture frames I had with similar color tones.

vintage look bridal shower ideas

Lots of pearls

Silver heart and clock

L-O-V-E silver keys on a ring

ideas for vintage theme


pilot / airline / travel theme bridal shower ideas


In keeping with the pilot theme, hanging planes from my dining room chandy was a must…

pilot/airline theme

The Bride-to-Be’s colors for the wedding were royal blue and yellow …

I used lace for a table runner, but otherwise kept the table fairly simple in keeping with the bride-to-be’s taste

bridal shower with blue and yellow theme

blue & yellow simple bridal shower


A pedestal with sweets, and my Bride & Groom Lladro served as my centerpiece…

{A cake was served for dessert later}

bridal shower ideas

Yellow flowers – Guests took the vases of flowers home with them after

Silver “love birds”

bridal shower blue & yellow

bridal shower ideas

The Bride-to-Be’s chair was covered with a lace tie…

vintage ideas for bridal shower

Favors for the guests were cookbooks I had printed up and binded

The cookbooks were favorite recipes submitted by family & friends {from both sides}



One of the aunts made lil’ purse chocolate favors for each guest.  Fyi, most of the photos I took were taken before she brought these to the shower so the favors do not appear in most of my photos.



I made 3 signs for the pilot theme…

pilot theme bridal shower ideas

airline/pilot party ideas

I placed both these signs by the drinks

I also had 2 world globes here, more flying airplanes, and photos of the engaged couple

(Pic taken while we were still setting things up, so quite messy looking)

airline/pilot party ideas

This sign went where the gifts were placed

travel theme bridal shower ideas


I bought these love-themed cookie cutters on clearance at Crate & Barrel after Valentine’s Day.  I used them to make homemade pita chips for the shower.

love is in the air bridal shower theme

I used the Toasted Pita Chips Recipe from Ina Garten (Food Network)

Love is in the Air Bridal Shower ideas

The pita chips were offered with dips

Hard boiled eggs (the shower date was close to Easter) – dyed in blue and yellow colors only

bridal shower food ideas

Each of the aunt-hosts brought various foods – sandwiches, salads, cheese & sausage, etc.

bridal shower foods

bridal shower food ideas


I hope you enjoyed “traveling back in time” to Love is in the Air

Image source: Google images

Image source: Google images

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