Technology Tablescape for Book Club

technology tablescape ideas

Another gal in my Book Club hosted several months ago for our discussion of the book, The Circle.  This fictional book is the story of a young woman who goes to work for the world’s largest tech company.  My fellow reader simply, but cleverly set her table with a technology backdrop.


Various technology devices including a laptop, Ipads, and Iphones were displayed on her table…

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technology tablescape ideas


She creatively designed our napkin rings with the book name, The Circle and the symbol pictured on the book that represented the company’s logo

book club lunch for "The Circle" book


A copy of the book was displayed too…

book club in your home


Fruit with yogurt, limoncello liqueur, and a sprinkle of sugar

fruit with limoncello and yogurt

Pasta with chicken & mushrooms

book club lunch


Gelato with fudge for dessert

book club lunch in your home


The Circle book club

None of us loved this book.  One of the gals referred to the book as a 1984 / Animal Farm wannabe.  Most of us found the book and the (fictional) ideas presented in the book as downright creepy.  However, we did have a very interesting discussion from the book.

The book fictionalizes on a larger scale, social media completely saturating our lives on a 24/7 basis.  The fictional internet company in the book embraces the idea people should live with complete transparency of their lives, and stresses mottos to live by such as “Sharing is Caring”, “Secrets are Lies”, and “Privacy is Theft”.

Hopefully our society and the fiction depicted in this book will not turn into fact in the future …

A movie based on this book is due to be released in 2017, and includes film stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks.

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