A Silver Bells Christmas Theme Dinner Party

Some info about our Gourmet Group:  We are 4 couples who enjoy cooking, entertaining, and most of all, each other’s company. 
We take turns hosting in our homes.  The hosts decide on the menu (theme) from appetizers to dessert for the evening.  The hosts cook most of the meal, but give at least one course (along with all the recipes) to the other couples to prepare.  We love trying new recipes and ideas.  So most of the time the recipes are ones we haven’t cooked before, but they don’t have to be.

fun Christmas tablescape ideas


We hosted our Gourmet Group a couple of weeks before Christmas.  I chose a “Silver Bells” dinner theme for our evening.

Fun Facts about the song “Silver Bells”.  The song was composed by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.  It was first performed by Bob Hope and Marilyn Monroe in the movie, “The Lemon Drop Kid”.  The song was originally going to be titled “Tinkle Bells” until Livingston’s wife stepped in, and explained to him what the word tinkle usually means (bathroom connotation).  The next day the title of the song was changed, and the word silver was substituted for the word tinkle throughout the song.  Source:  Songfacts

The weather outside that night was “frightful” (a snowstorm), but the fire and our evening together inside was “delight-full”.

Come on in, and take a peek at it…

Silver & blue Christmas décor greeted our guests in the foyer.

blue and silver Christmas decorating ideas

Various silver and blue bells were a must to include…

Silver Bells dinner party theme

Packages wrapped in coordinating papers…

blue and silver xmas


Mercury trees purchased at Pottery Barn were my starting point for the table…

beautiful holiday tables

inspirational holiday table ideas

The trees could be lit up inside with battery votive candles and/or string lights which gave the table a candlelit effect

A look at it with all the lights turned off…

holiday table ideas


Silver bells and blue bells scattered across the table…

Silver pine cones and silver leaves

beautiful holiday table ideas

Branches with tiny pine cones & white bells attached…

blue and silver Christmas table ideas

A string of silver jingle bells snakes across the table…

beautiful Christmas tablescape ideas

A copy of our menu for the evening sits on the table

holiday dinner party ideas/ menu ideas


Silver chargers layered with white dinner plates and blue & white salad bowls

Blue napkins tied with ribbon & silver bells

Cute reindeers with a silver bell glued to them hold the name place card holders (found at Pottery Barn also)

holiday dinner party ideas


Silver goodie bags await our guests…

funideas for holiday dinner parties

tablescape blog


A silver beaded garland along with even more silver bells…

pretty Christmas decorating ideas


holiday dinner party menu ideas

~ Savor the Season ~


Andouille Cheese Dip with Blue Chips

Andouille Cheese Dip appetizer idea

Crispy Potato Skins

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo

Charcuterie Board

charcuterie board ideas


Pear and Hazelnut Salad

Pear and Hazelnut Salad

Intermezzo:  Blood Orange Sorbet

dinner party menu ideas

Main Entrée

Côte de Boeuf

Standing Rib Roast dinner party ideas

Sweet Potatoes with Thyme, Pecans, and Parmesan

dinner party menu ideas

Green Beans with Tarragon-Scented Béarnaise Sauce

green beans with bearnaise sauce

and bacon…

dinner party menu ideas


Candy Cane Spoons Dipped in Chocolate

holiday dessert ideas

Black and White Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Christmas dinner dessert ideas

Vanilla and Peppermint Ice Cream Filled…


Soon it will be Christmas Day…

Source: Google images

Source: Google images






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