The Wedding Journey: Little Details Can Make a Big Difference – Part 1: Along the Way to the Big Day

wedding journey inspiration

Details ~ Details ~ Details…

Many brides (including my daughter) will spend months thinking and planning every little detail for The Big Day.  Is it really worth all that time & effort?….
YES, it is these little details that can make an ordinary wedding event into an extraordinary wedding event.  It is with that extra time & effort, and with the meticulous details that you can make your wedding day not only extra special & memorable, but also allow you to put your signature style on it.
It’s been awhile but here I am again once again with “A Wedding Journey” – a look back at the journey to my daughter’s Wedding Day (almost a year and a half ago).
Here are some of my favorite details from my daughter (& then fiancé)’s wedding journey. 

This is Part 1 – A few of the details leading up to the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Day.


The Wedding (Reception) was planned to be held at the Drake Hotel, a historic hotel in downtown Chicago.  To give their guests a glimpse into their wedding day, my daughter & her then-fiancé picked out an invitation with a Chicago skyline for their Save-the-Date.

Chicago skyline wedding Save the Date


My daughter and I spent several days looking at wedding invitations.  I LOVED the invitation she decided on.  The invitations were made by Checkerboard.

Beautiful wedding invitations

The invitation was simple, but elegant – a beautiful blue color (to match her wedding day color) tied with a pretty ivory ribbon.

elegant wedding invitation in blue

We added motifs to each piece of the invitation:

A set of wedding bands & a pretty flourish for the Invitation (Ceremony)…

Love the chandy we added to the (blue) Reception Card …

elegant wedding invitations

We added some sparkle (rhinestone) to the Reply Card

wedding invitation details

I would highly recommend Checkerboard if you are shopping for wedding invitations or another invitation for an important social event.  They have a great selection of beautiful invitations to choose from.  Checkerboard also offers many typestyles, motifs, paper, and ink colors to choose from for your invitation.  They have a quick turn around time.  And they even offer (at no extra charge) to print your guest list addresses on the envelopes (after you input the addresses onto their website).


Here’s a look at the little details we added to the thank you gifts for my daughter’s bridesmaids, and my girlfriends that hosted the “Friends Bridal Shower”.  If you haven’t read my previous blog post about the “Friends Bridal Shower” you can do so here.

We printed up a special note that was glued inside the lids of each gift box.

idea for a special thank you gift

A little bling was added to it…

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

ideas for bridesmaid gifts

The bridesmaids’ gifts were wrapped in pretty blue boxes that I found at Hallmark.  The boxes were then put into gift bags.

bridemaids gift ideas - special little details

My Thank Gifts

Same idea but simple store gift box…

special touch for a thank you gift

Next up in A Wedding Journey – a peek at the Rehearsal Dinner, and then on to Wedding Day Details.

A Wedding Journey blog

Photo source: bing images

A Wedding Journey is dedicated to my lovely daughter.  It was so much fun to be able to share this incredible time in your life,  I hope you always choose to dance.
And forever twirl in your dress!

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