A Wedding Journey: Bridal Shower – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

wedding journey

Note:  Originally, I hoped to be done writing all my “A Wedding Journey” posts within a year of my daughter & son-in-law’s wedding day.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances that arose this past year, I am behind on the posts, but please enjoy reading.

bridal shower ideas

Welcome to Part II of my daughter’s Bridal Shower Weekend.

This is a look at the bridal shower (“Friends Bridal Shower”) given by three of my good friends in honor of my daughter.  They decided on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for the theme of the shower.  It was held on a lovely Sunday afternoon – one day after “The Family Bridal Shower” was given.  Both showers were held in my home.  This will be a closer look at the details specific to the “Friends Bridal Shower”.

If you haven’t and would like to see more of my decorating, tablescape, and other details I used for both showers, please visit my post “Family Bridal Shower” here.


cute bridal shower invitation with shoe

Since my daughter has a major shoe fetish, this bridal shower invitation also had to have a shoe on it.  I glittered the rhinestones on the handbag to add some bling to the invitation.


bridal shower ideas

bridal shower ideas

One of the gals hosting the shower had this gorgeous “Bridal Veil Decoration” made by a florist for my front door to welcome the guests.  As you can see, the floral contained a mixture of beautiful fresh white flowers.  My girlfriend used the same aqua tulle from Hobby Lobby I used at my dining room table.  She also made a smaller, coordinating Bridal Veil to hang on my mailbox.  FYI, the veils required 9 yards of tulle to make them.


fun bridal shower theme

Most of the guests got into the spirit of the shower and wore a fascinator, fancy hat, or some other type of fun fashion accessory, but to double the fun the hosts also offered several colors of feather boas for each guest to choose from and wear.


aqua blue bridal shower

The number of guests that attended this shower was more than the day before and required me setting up an additional (folding/”kids”) table.  I set it up in my foyer – to keep it very close to my dining room.

 The table was moved away from the wall once we sat down to eat.  The three hosts immediately volunteered to sit at this table.  Some other mutual friends joined them at the table.


The hosts were quite aware of my daughter’s shoe obsession and used a shoe subtheme throughout the shower.

bridal shower with shoe theme

Cocktail hour began with a stiletto holding a bottle of wine…

bridal shower ideas with shoe theme

The hosts used the phrase “The Perfect Pair” to carry out the shoe theme…

The advice cards were put together in a book (hence, the hole punch) with a special “The Perfect Pair” cover for the bride-and-groom-to-be.

bridal shower with shoe theme

A couple very quick games were played during the opening of gifts (with shoe-themed prizes, naturally)…


About a week before the shower, one of the gals called me to ask what time the chef could show up.  (What???!!!!…)

I had no idea about the chef, and was totally blown away by the extravagance they planned for the shower!

Cocktail Hour – A Toast

girls just wanna have fun bridal shower

A plethora of drinks were available, including a theme drink, along with a champagne toast to the bride-to-be (Cheers!)

pretty & colorful fruit kabobs

mini quiches for bridal shower

finger food ideas for bridal showers

An array of colorful, pretty, and delectable appetizers were offered…

Lunch is Served

bridal shower foods/salad

A scrumptious salad served in a parmesan basket…

We were also served a chicken dish for an entrée, but I totally forgot to take a pic of it.

bridal shower with a shoe theme

These gals were so amazing – they too ordered a cake from the bride-to-be’s favorite bakery.  The Perfect Pair cake was so cute & delicious!!


bridal shower gift wrapping

My “Eat, Drink, & Be Married” gift for the bride-to-be…

bridal shower sweet treats

The hosts had a basket of sweet treats to go…

The Wedding Journey Continues…

A Wedding Journey blog

Photo source: bing images

Next up:  A Barbie-themed bridal shower…

A Wedding Journey is dedicated to my lovely daughter.  It was so much fun to be able to share this incredible time in your life,  I hope you always choose to dance.
And forever twirl in your dress!

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