A Wedding Journey: Aqua Blue Bridal Shower (Part I – Family Style)

wedding journey
Note:  Originally, I hoped to be done writing all my “A Wedding Journey” posts within a year of my daughter & son-in-law’s wedding day.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances that arose this past year, I am behind on the posts, but please enjoy reading.


bridal shower ideas

Historically, wedding etiquette considered it poor taste for a mother to throw a bridal shower for her daughter.  It was looked down upon as a solicitation for gifts.  Times have changed and it is now acceptable for mothers to throw a bridal shower in honor of their daughters – the main reason being that guests invited to the shower are expected to bring a gift no matter who is hosting.

About a year before my daughter got married, a friend’s daughter got married.  My friend threw the bridal shower for her daughter.  She is one of four sisters, and it was agreed upon between them years before that each person would host the shower for their own children when getting married.

I was happy to hear this.  It made me more comfortable and confident with my own future game plan.  I didn’t plan on hosting my daughter’s showers, but I wanted to be very involved with some of the details.  I also wanted the bridal showers to take place in my own home.

aqua blue bridal shower

There were two bridal showers given in honor of my daughter – one with family and the other with friends.  Both were held in my home.  I was extremely fortunate that both showers occurred on the same weekend.  It greatly simplified my setup details and expenses.  The Family Bridal Shower (this one!) was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The Family Bridal Shower was hosted by my daughter’s aunts (my husband side).  All the aunts jointly host the bridal showers for the nieces (and future niece-in-laws) in the family.


blue bridal shower

One of the shower details I wanted control of was the invitations.  I love to do invitations.

My daughter is obsessed with shoes!  So, of course, her bridal shower invitation had to have a shoe on it.  I added silver glitter to the buckle and the heel of the shoe to give the invitation some extra bling.



bridal shower ideas

A view from above…

bridal shower in your home

 A photo of the soon-to-be-married couple welcomed guests in my foyer.  My daughter decided her bridesmaids would carry pink bouquets so I used pink as one of the main flower colors for her shower.  The silver birds represent the love birds.

vintage hand stamped flattened spoons

I found these vintage hand stamped spoons at a Nordstrom Wedding Suite.


blue bridal shower ideas

There were 22 people invited to this shower.  I wanted everyone to be able to eat together in my dining room.  This meant squeezing everyone tightly around the table, but I felt the sacrifice for less elbow room was better than some guests being forced to eat at a “kids table”.

I rented silver chiavari chairs to make my dining room and the bridal shower look more elegant.  The narrower chiavari chairs also helped immensely with squeezing more places around my table.  Only 16 actually attended the shower which helped with spacing.

aqua bridals shower

The bridesmaids’ dress color was aqua.  So I incorporated aqua / blue into my table colors.  I used blue hydrangeas mixed with pink roses on the table (kept purposely low for conversations across the table).

I also found an inexpensive aqua fabric at Hobby Lobby.  The fabric color was actually a perfect match to the bridesmaids’ dress color.  Throughout the year before the wedding day, I carried a swatch of the aqua dress color in my purse.  I would highly recommend anyone planning a wedding to do this for the many wedding selections and decisions to be made.

As you can see, I used the fabric as a tablecloth.  I got this idea from my sister-in-law when she gave a Bridal Tea in honor of my daughter.  You can read about the Bridal Tea here.  The fabric was too thin and not wide enough for my table on its own so I laid it on top of one of my regular tablecloths.

bridal shower inspiration

I also rented silver plate chargers.

bridal shower ideas

Typical of the bridal showers given by our family (my husband’s side), lunch was served buffet style.  The food is provided by all the aunts.  Usually one aunt takes control and coordinates the food each person will bring to get a great bridal shower menu.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the food.


bridal shower in your homeFlowers, candles, and various photos of my daughter…

I also displayed many photos of my daughter in my kitchen and family room (where she would open the gifts).  I took existing photo frames and replaced the photos with pictures of my daughter (some of just her and some with others) – grade school photos, family vacation photos, holiday photos, etc. and, of course, some with her-then fiancé.


Some of the ideas I used for the shower were found on (where else but…) Pinterest.

bridals shower party favor ideas

One of the shower favors:

“A Lovely Mix” – White hot chocolate mix with a small whisk tied to it

I printed up my own label and glued it over the store’s label

bridal shower favors

The other shower favor:

“Truly cut out for each other” – A small heart-shaped cookie cutter with a sugar cookie recipe inside

I used a heart-shaped paper punch to cut out the opening on the front to make the recipe visible.

decorating for a bridal shower

I kept my table décor with a minimalist look, but certainly wanted to display my Wedding Day Couple Bride & Groom Lladro Figurine (that my mother gave me).

bridal shower details

My daughter loves to play scrabble…

I also found aqua tulle (same color as the fabric) at Hobby Lobby.  I tied a big bow around the back of the chair for our bride-to-be.


bridal shower in home

The aunts/hosts were so nice to order a cake from my daughter’s favorite bakery.  Yes, a piece of it was worth every calorie – Yummy

bridal shower candy bar

bridal shower desserts

amazing aqua blue candy bar

How Fab-u-lous is this aqua blue candy bar!!!

It was the brainstorm of the aunt (who coordinated all the hosting efforts).  She insisted on each aunt/host bringing only candies in certain colors.  She even made the aqua blue chocolate covered pretzels herself.  Awe-inspiring!


beautiful gift wrapping

I also love to wrap a pretty gift.  Here’s a peek at how I wrapped my daughter’s gift for the  shower.

The Wedding Journey continues…

Photo source: bing images

Photo source: bing images

Next up:  Please come back to visit & take a look at the other shower given in honor of my daughter.

A Wedding Journey is dedicated to my lovely daughter.  It was so much fun to be able to share this incredible time in your life.  I hope you always choose to dance.
And forever twirl in your dress~





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