An Easter Book Club and “The Traitor’s Wife”

Cool Book Arch at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA

Cool Book Arch at “Roger’s Gardens” (Newport Beach, CA)

Easter themed lunch

Another gal from my Book Club hosted us last week for an Easter-themed lunch and our discussion of the book, The Traitor’s Wife.


Cute little male and female poseable bunnies surrounded by scattered jelly beans…

casual Easter theme table

book club lunch - The Traitor's Wife

Delightful hopscotch bunny…

poseable buuny decor

A large light blue vintage-inspired mason jar…

green tinted mason jar

We all were smitten with her napkin rings  – reshaped vintage forks – a recent find during her travels

vintage fork napkin ring


A pretty plate of chicken salad, colorful fruit salad, and a peas/carrots side…

book club lunch

Addictive mini parmesan crisps

book club lunch ideas

Chocolate raspberry tart with fresh raspberries and whipped cream (in addition to lots of jelly beans and M & Ms)


The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki

This book was well received by our group.  Everyone rated it fairly high.  The book was entertaining.  We really liked learning more about that time period (late 1700’s), but especially about Peggy Shippen Arnold (Benedict Arnold’s wife) and the {possible} role she may have played in her husband’s betrayal.

Peggy Shippen Arnold Photo source: google images

Peggy Shippen Arnold
Photo source: google images

I was the one that was more critical of this book.  Part of the reason was, historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to read, and I had just finished reading another historical fiction book right before The Traitor’s Wife (it will be our book discussion next month).  I absolutely loved that book, and found it to be very well written.

I enjoyed The Traitor’s Wife from a storyline standpoint.  In spite of it being a long book (almost 500 pages), it continued to hold my interest.  However, I felt at times it read as more of a romance novel rather than a historical fiction book.  I also felt Ms. Pataki took too many liberties in writing this book.  The primary one that bothered me was she had several fictional characters in the book including one of them being a main character.

Book arch at Roger's Gardens

Another book arch at Roger’s Gardens (Newport Beach, CA)

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