Roll Out the Red Carpet for an Oscar-Themed Dinner Party

A little info about our Gourmet Group:  We are 4 couples who enjoy cooking, entertaining, and most of all, each other’s company. 
We take turns hosting in our homes.  The hosts decide on the menu (theme) from appetizers to dessert for the evening.  The hosts cook most of the meal, but give at least one course (along with all the recipes) to the other couples to prepare.  We love trying new recipes and ideas.  So most of the time the recipes are ones we haven’t cooked before, but they don’t have to be.

Oscar themed dinner party

The night before the Oscars this year, another couple in our Gourmet Group hosted our group that evening.  Here’s a look back at the fabulous dinner party they created.


Oscar themed tablescape

We were requested to wear “Black Tie” or, at a minimum, “Cocktail Attire”.  The fun began at their front door – walking “The Red Carpet”…

Oscar party ideas

A bowl of sunglasses for our photo ops throughout the evening…

Oscar party ideas


~ All in the Details ~

Plates and Napkins

 Oscar dinner party theme

Oscar stands guard over the appetizers…

Oscar theme tablescape

Cocktail Table with Appetizers

tablescape blog

A cinematic popcorn-filled table…

The Menu

Oscar theme dinner party


“The Revenant” Cheese and Sausage Assortment

Oscar themed dinner party

“Room” for Mini Crab Cakes

Mini Crabcakes with panko

Just like the movie – the minis were a hit!  These crab cakes were cooked with panko instead of bread crumbs and included the zest of both an orange and a lemon.

“Madd Max Fury Road” Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

My husband and I were responsible for cooking the poppers – here are a couple of photos from the preparation of them:

stuffed jalapeno poppers

12 Jalapenos washed…

stuffed jalapeno peppers

Jalapenos sliced in half, seeds removed and ready to be stuffed with cheddar and cream cheeses

Oscar themed menu

Wrapped in bacon and ready to be baked

Stuffed jalapenos with cheese

They were quite tasty…


~ All in the Details ~

Drama:  our hostess hung a metallic gold fringe curtain to the entrance of the dining room

Oscar party

The bottom of the curtain reflected the color of the Red Carpet….

Mini lights under a dome in the corner of the dining room

Oscar party

Her Tablescape

Lots of glitter and gold…

Oscar party tablescape ideas

Oscar theme table ideas

Oscar party ideas

Oscar stand guards…

Oscar party ideas

Oscarette came to the party too…

Oscar dinner party

“Take 1” Place Setting

Oscar party ideas

The napkin cleverly inserted into the directors board…


The “Burnt” Salad had about 15 ingredients in it.  It was de~li~cious and worth the extra effort.

Oscar themed menu ideas

“Brooklyn” Beef Wellington,

Twice Baked “Martian” Potatoes, and

“The Big Short” Sautéed Carrots

Oscar theme menu

Oscar theme menu - individual beef wellingtonIndividual Beef Wellingtons – Need I say more?!!

The twice baked potatoes were stuffed with both russet and sweet potatoes – very flavorful

“Bridge of Spies” Cheesecake Pie

chocolate cheesecake pie with bourbon cherries

Very chocolaty cheesecake with ganache topping and bourbon cherries


“Burn – Baby – Burn”love candles - burning

Love candles….

She (like me) has several Sid Dickens tiles.  The Key is from the 2015 collection.

Sid Dickens The Key

Beautiful tile & inscription

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2 Responses to Roll Out the Red Carpet for an Oscar-Themed Dinner Party

  1. Jane Bielke-Loll says:

    I really admire you creativity in this oscar themed party. Can you tell me where you found the gold cardboard oscar stands and the director’s boards that held the napkins? I’m doing a drama awards dinner for high school kids. Thanks in advance. Best, Jane

    • Hi Jane,

      Sorry for the delay – I didn’t see your question right away. To answer your question: The Oscar stands were found at Home Goods and the Directors Boards were from Party City. My friend purchased them right before the Oscars aired so those Hollywood/movie type items were around in stores. This time of year, you will probably have to purchase items online. Party City does have Oscar theme party goods online (including the boards). You may also want to look at Oriental Trading.
      Hope that helps, and Good Luck with your awards dinner night!

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