“The Beauty”…Travels of a Suitcase

Photo source: bing images

Photo source: bing images

My daughter and I just got back from our annual/biennial trip to sunny Arizona – “a mom/daughter long weekend jaunt” for some R & R, pool time, spa time, girl time, etc.

The day before we left had me wondering if my daughter would still be traveling with her beloved suitcase, “The Beauty” .  There was talk before she got married last year that she and her-then-fiancé might get new luggage after they got married, and I forgot to ask them if they ever did.

I originally purchased my daughter’s suitcase when she was about 8 or 9 years old.  At the time, our family was taking our first ‘lengthy’ vacation, and we figured our kids were old enough that we should get full size suitcases for each of them.   I purchased a flowered one for my daughter thinking her suitcase would be a little more special (feminine maybe??) than the other typical black suitcases I was buying.

Waiting for our luggage in Baggage Claim that first time after returning home, we were able to spot her suitcase coming from ‘a mile away’.  She (being The Beauty) really stood out from all the other suitcases.


It was at that moment, my daughter and I both realized that her suitcase was so ugly that she was beautiful, and hence we officially named her suitcase The Beauty”.


So the day before my daughter and I were to leave for Arizona this year, I started thinking about all the travels, miles, & experiences The Beauty had, and now hoping my daughter and her husband never got that new luggage they talked about…

~Travels with The Beauty~

The Beauty went on trips, with my daughter when she was a little girl (and into her teen years),  to places such as Colorado, Arizona, Disney World, NYC, and California, and even more exotic travels to Hawaii and Alaska.

The Beauty also went away to college with my daughter and lived in the dorm with her for four years.

As my daughter left her teen years and got older, she and The Beauty traveled to far away places including London, Paris, Italy, and Spain.  It was also in this time period the “3 of us”, along with my typical black suitcase, took our first “Girls Trip” to Arizona.  And yes, I’m happy to report The Beauty traveled with us once again on our recent trip back to Arizona.

Also, last year,  The Beauty traveled to Greece and Turkey on a honeymoon, and she has even settled into a new home.


The Beauty – happy to be back in Arizona for our recent “Girls Trip”…


The Beauty arrives home once again…


She may be old, weathered, and somewhat battered but The Beauty remains forever loved and beautiful…a real standout!


The Beauty patiently awaits her next trip somewhere…

Photo source: Pinterst

Photo source: Pinterest


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  1. Sandy Antonelli says:

    Loved how you made Beauty seemed real!

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