A Wedding Journey: The Bride-to-Be Asks Her Maids


Most brides-to-be ask their girls fairly soon after they get engaged.  My daughter chose not to ask for a couple of months.  She knew who she was planning on asking, but until she figured out how she was going to ask them she decided to wait until then.

Times have certainly changed.  When I got engaged about “a hundred years ago”, I just asked my girls and that was it.  Not anymore.  Nowadays, it is usually done with some type of creative touch (and expense) to it.

Photo source: bing images

Photo source: bing images

Where was my daughter’s starting point for inspiration?  Where else these days?  Pinterest, of course.

All of her bridesmaids except for the Maid of Honor lived out-of-state.  So it required my daughter to mail her “Asking Boxes” instead of personally delivering them.



The top of her “Asking Box”…



The inside cover of the box – pretty pink paper cut and then glued inside, and the very important question “Be My Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor?”



A bottle of champagne to not only “pop” the question, but also to celebrate with, along with a personalized champagne flute…Lots of confetti, too



Some wedding details bound with cute bride/groom ribbon – Let’s take a closer look at them below…

Your Responsibilities

“Attend every shower, wear a heinous dress, tell me how pretty I am, and buy me lots of really extravagant gifts. Just kidding…except maybe about the “tell me how pretty I am” part. There’s no one in the world that I would rather have by my side on the most important day of my life. I love you, and your friendship means the world to me. Dance your ass off. Drink way too many glasses of champagne. Wipe away my happy tears because I will probably be a basket case. Have the time of your life. Oh and maybe help me pee, too!”

The Dreaded Dresses 

“Still a work in progress, but I’m hoping to nail this down in the next couple weeks or so. As of right now, I’m leaning toward something in a coral or cranberry-ish color that’s long with several different styles/necklines to choose from, similar to the pictures below. Sarah XX is my co-pilot in this endeavor, so please direct any complaints in her direction. Just kidding. I promise no 80’s ruffles or bows. However, I cannot promise it’ll be “something you’ll wear again” because, let’s be honest…it’s a bridesmaid dress.”

The Wedding Party

Names of each of the bridesmaids (including juniors) and groomsmen (including the ring bearer) and a funny tidbit about each of them

The Big Day

The “Where and When” for the Big Day including photos of the future church and reception venue


My niece’s sweet young daughters were junior bridesmaids in the wedding party.  Of course, my daughter wanted to ask them (who were 10 and 8 years old at that time) in a different (no gift of champagne!), but still a very special way.  (These girls are the same ones I blogged about in a previous blog post, Kids’ Party Ideas.)

  I think she found a great way to ask.


A fun, beautiful, and yummy cookie bouquet!

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

A Wedding Journey is dedicated to my lovely daughter.  It was so much fun to be able to share this incredible time in your life.  I hope you always choose to dance.
And forever twirl in your dress~

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