A Wedding Journey: The Engagement Party…

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My daughter got married several months ago.

  I utterly loved the whole “Wedding Journey” experience.  Yes, of course, there were some stressful times, but overall it was such an exciting and happy time.   Being a detail person, I loved planning every tiny detail of the wedding with my daughter.

 “A Wedding Journey” (series of posts) will be a look back at this memorable time in our lives beginning with “The Engagement Party” to finally “The Big Day”.

 A couple of months  after our daughter got engaged, my husband and I threw an engagement party at our home to honor the happy couple.

  I combined my daughter’s and her-then fiancé’s names into a “Celeb Uni-Name” (like Bennifer or Brangelina) and printed that on the license plate of the invitation.

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We decided on a cocktail party theme with heavy hors d’oeuvres, and invited about 60 people – family and friends who lived in the local area.  The evening of the party turned out to be a beautiful summer night.  Here’s a look back at it.



I lined our front porch and walkway with lots of flowers and candles.  Since it was an engagement party, I had to have rose petals welcoming our newly engaged couple and guests.  For everyone’s safety, I chose not to scatter rose petals towards the middle of the steps (rose petals can be slippery).



Balloons tied on to the staircase greeted guests as they came in the front door

 a wedding journey blog

engagement party ideas

  Our front entry foyer chest…

I stuck to using an almost all-white flower theme inside the house for two reasons:  the first – the party was related to a wedding, and the second – my daughter had not decided on a color scheme for her wedding at this point in time.

  I decorated the chest with white flowers, rose petals, and candles (not lit yet).  I put faux crystals and pearls in the glass pedestal bowl.  The small rhinestone picture frame displayed the planned wedding date on it.  Lastly, I featured my bride and groom Lladro’.

I took many of the picture frames I had throughout my house and used them in several rooms for the party. I switched out the pictures inside them with a different picture of the engaged couple.


Another little corner where I displayed tiny picture frames telling our guests to “Save the Date” for the future “Big Day”.


I hung white pom poms in the kitchen window and from the kitchen ceiling.  You can also see the coral gladiolus and blue hydrangeas in the kitchen window – two of the colors my daughter was considering for the wedding




 More candles, roses and petals, and “Save the Dates” in the powder room


Family room mantle



Photos from the living room…My neighbor gave me this sweet floral as a party gift.  It was from a florist she thought we should check out as a possible wedding florist.  A couple of weeks later, another acquaintance would also recommend this florist.  Ultimately, this would be the florist we chose to use for the wedding.


 a wedding journey

“love birds…”


 Lots of balloons on the dining room ceiling to celebrate this happy occasion~

Photo source: bing images

Photo source: bing images

We ate, We drank, and Toasted the Happy Couple…

Photo source: bing images

Photo source: bing images

and continued on our Wedding Journey…


Next up:  The bride-to-be asks “Will you be my bridesmaid?”


A Wedding Journey is dedicated to my lovely daughter.  It was so much fun to be able to share this incredible time in your life.  I hope you always choose to dance.
And forever twirl in your dress~

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3 Responses to A Wedding Journey: The Engagement Party…

  1. Sandy Antonelli says:

    Loved the party and Inspirationaldetails…it makes me feel like I’ve been to the party again. What a great time we had celebrating the engagement!

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