A Wedding Story (from a Groom’s Mother): A Couples Shower

 I started writing this post over 1 year ago.  Due to matters popping up from time to time since then, this post sadly kept getting put to the side.  However, it was never far from my thoughts.  I was always determined to get back to it, and to also finish writing the story of this Beautiful Wedding Journey.  So without further ado…


Brief Remarks and Tribute in regards for My Counterpart (the Bride-to-Be’s Mother) – By this point in the wedding planning process, I had spent quite a bit of time communicating with my counterpart (mainly by phone or text since we live in different parts of the country).
After my previous experience being Mother of the Bride, I didn’t know what to expect this time around being “just the groom’s mother”.  We’ve all heard the traditional saying “show up, shut up, and wear beige”.  I also had a couple of relatives and friends who had horrible (think tears) Wedding Journey experiences with their future in-law (The Bride-to-Bes’ Mothers) being very nasty to them during their wedding planning process.
I had a total opposite experience.  From a short time after the happy couple got engaged throughout the entire Wedding Journey, My Counterpart made sure to keep me informed as to what was going on with the Bride-to-Be’s side of their wedding planning (the details they were working on at that point like dress shopping, interviewing floral designers, choosing a color theme, table linens, etc.)  I could not have asked for a nicer, more thoughtful person to work with!  It made for a very pleasant Wedding Journey.
To all future or new MOBs (Mother of the Brides):  A word of advice, if I may, I would highly recommend, please include your counterpart throughout the wedding planning process – keep her in the loop as to what you are doing/choosing.  (By no means, though, am I suggesting that they need to be a part of your decisions & choices.)  It will make for a much smoother and enjoyable ride for the bride & groom-to-be , and a positive start to the unification of your two families.


The format of the shower was a Couples Cocktail Party (cocktails & catered heavy hors d’oeuvres).  The shower was given by my daughter, a dear friend of mine, and one of my sister-in-laws (with me overseeing it as usual, not willing to relinquish total control of it).  It was held in my home.

The engaged couple had just relocated from New York to Georgia.  We live in the Midwest.  Showers mean gifts.  So one of the biggest struggles we had was, how to nicely ask guests on the invitation to bring a gift card for the couple to the shower or to send them a gift from their registry.  Between my girlfriend and myself (mainly her!), I think we came up with a very polite way of accomplishing this.  This was an insert included with the invitation.

Hopefully it will help others that encounter a similar situation.

how to word a shower invitation requesting gift cards to be brought to the shower


Once again, I ordered floral arrangements from my favorite floral designer, The Flower Studio.  Karen Cook and her staff are The Best in my book.  She also allows me make some of my own arrangements to keep costs down.

Dining Room Floral

This arrangement was made to fit in a vase of mine.

pretty pink shower flowers

Family Room Floral

beautiful pastel florals

Karen also designed a gorgeous hydrangea wreath for my front door which I unfortunately forgot to photograph.


As with previous wedding events, I displayed many photos of the happy couple in various places

bridal shower ideas


I purchased about 100 balloons (could have used more) for décor in my dining room where most of the food was laid out.  This was a year or so before the awesome, giant balloons became available.

shower ideas


Theme Drinks

Our future daughter-in-law hails from Atlanta, so we had two Theme Drinks in her honor available at the bar.  The bartender we hired said both drinks were quite popular with our guests!

Bridal shower theme drinks

A Champagne Toast

Champagne and cookies – the gal who baked the cookies tried to neatly write initials on them (her first time doing that) but the taste of them made up for the somewhat messy writing

bridal shower ideas


My sister-in-law put together a “oh so pretty pink” candy bar

great candy bar idea

Love the vintage-looking glass containers she used, and the brooches she added

pretty pink caandy bar idea


My girlfriend took charge of favors for the guests. Gifts tied up with cute bride & groom tags and a heart charm.  I loved the item she selected – practical while elegant-looking.

bridal shower great favor idea

Next up in a Wedding Journey:  Rehearsal Dinner
a wedding journey highlights

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