An Easter Themed Lunch for Book Club


pretty Easter table ideasAbout a week or so before Easter, another gal in my Book Club hosted.  She treated us to an enchanting tablescape filled with Easter décor.


Foil wrapped faux chocolate bunnies greeted us at her front door

foil wrapped chocolate bunnies Easter decor

While we sipped mimosas & caught up with each other in her kitchen, we were surrounded by all kinds of Easter décor before sitting down to lunch…

Easter decorating ideas


Easter decorating inspiration


Pretty in Pink…

Pink / blush is one of the hottest color trends this year, and I for one am totally obsessed with it – her table satiated my pink crush that day!

pretty in pink table ideas / inspiration


A Closer Look at Her Table

pretty Easter table ideas

I loooove her pink & white dinner and bunny salad plates layered on top of the white chargers…

pretty pink / spring dishes

The bunnies look liked like they were ready to hop off the plates…

beautiful Easter table ideas



Easter decorating ideas

Easter decor

Easter decorating ideas


Side Salad

Meat Lasagna

meat lasagna for book club lunch


Strawberry Shortcake with Strawberry Filling Topped with Raspberries

strawberry shortcake with filling and raspberries

Served on a pretty dessert plate…

pretty pink china


Shining City by Tom Rosenstiel

  One of the gals had heard about this book and brought it up as a possible read for our group.  The fictional storyline sounded very interesting.  But the major reason we selected it was the timeliness of reading it to current events going on at the time – the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Nominee (at that time) of Neil Gorsuch.  Justice Gorsuch was not confirmed at the time we read the book,  but was confirmed by the time our book club met.

The main plot of the book is a consulting firm who “fixes things”/ makes problems disappear.  After a Supreme Court justice dies on the golf course unexpectedly, they are hired by the president to screen his nominee’s background for potential problems in getting him confirmed.  The book offers a perspective on what a confirmation process might entail which we found interesting to read about.  The book has twists and turns in it to make it a compelling read.

One criticism of the book, a few in my book club had, was the book had too many names (think Washington D.C/ fictional lobbyists) to keep track of.  I didn’t get hung up on all the names and got through the book without this issue just fine.

Overall, we really enjoyed reading Shining City, and give it a “Thumbs Up”.  I certainly would look forward to reading future books by Rosenstiel.


Sssssh, sleeping bunny…

cute Easter decor

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