Barbie-Themed Bridal Shower

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Another couple’s daughter (from our Gourmet Group) also got married in 2014.

 This lovely, beautiful then-bride-to-be loved playing with Barbie dolls when she was young.  The hosts of her bridal shower took this fun time in her earlier life to creatively throw her bridal shower.

 They used some of her old Barbie dolls to celebrate the-bride-to-be’s personality, and highlight some of the memorable events of her life thus far.  Each Barbie was fashionably dressed and then showcased as the centerpieces for each table at the shower.  Here’s a look at this fun bridal shower theme:


bridal shower fun theme

 “Bridal Barbie” greeted guests when they walked in the door… A photo of the bride-to-be dressed up as a very young bride accompanied Barbie.

Each guest’s name & table were printed on a black luggage tag.  The black luggage tags then were tied with ribbon to either a Barbie sunglass or shoe luggage tag.


Barbie theme bridal shower

The “Wizard of Oz Barbie” on this table represented the bride-to-be as a third grader when she played Dorothy in the school production.

Each table also had old photos of the bride-to-be featuring that particular time in her life…

creative Barbie theme bridal shower

“University of Illinois Cheerleading Barbie” symbolized several significant things in her life…

She had been on her high school poms squad

She went to the University of Illinois, and joined Gamma Phi Beta sorority

She met her (then-future) husband at U of I

Barbie bridal shower ideas

Barbie is dressed up for travel for this centerpiece… “Ciao Firenze” highlights her junior year in college studying abroad in Florence, Italy

Extra details were added to the centerpiece such as a passport, post cards, and mini books

creative bridal shower ideas

Barbie & boyfriend Ken are dressed in beach attire for some “fun in the sun”… Delray Beach is a past and current favorite vacation spot for the couple

fun & creative bridal shower

“Legally Blonde Barbie” celebrates the bride-to-be’s graduation from law school!

fun Barbie bridal shower

Barbie along with Ken are looking very stylish for their date going to see “The Book of Mormon”…

A very memorable night for the bride-to-be:  her then-boyfriend proposed afterwards!


cake for a Barbie bridal shower

Naturally, only a lavish Barbie cake for this affair…

bridal shower fun ideas

Barbie in her pink convertible sits atop a cake pedestal…Highlighted the bride-to-be turning sixteen and getting her driver’s license


The bride silhouette that was used on each “Table Name Card” (& was also part of the actual bridal shower invitation) reflected the same style of bridal gown that the future bride-to-be would wear.

Photo source: google images

Photo source: google images

And they lived happily ever after…

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