“White Christmas” Dinner Party

white Christmas table theme

Some info about our Gourmet Group:  We are 4 couples who enjoy cooking, entertaining, and most of all, each other’s company.
We take turns hosting in our homes.  The hosts decide on the menu (theme) from appetizers to dessert for the evening.  The hosts cook most of the meal, but give at least one course (along with all the recipes) to the other couples to prepare.  We love trying new recipes and ideas.  So most of the time, the recipes are ones we haven’t cooked before, but they don’t have to be.

It was our turn to host our Gourmet Group last December.  My theme for the evening was “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”.  I envisioned a ‘winter wonderland’ type of look.  Here is a look at how I styled my table, and our menu for the evening.


Holiday/Christmas dinner party menu


holiday dinner party

Christmas dinner party

I had a peaceful angel theme going on there…


white theme Christmas table

Even the men that evening noticed and commented on a “What a pretty table…” (very unusual)

winter wonderland table theme

View from a side…if you look closely in the top right corner, you can see a lighted wreath I hung on the door to the dining room


snowflake tablescape

As you can see, I hung various types of snowflakes, icicles, and white birds from my chandy…


snowman tablescape

white winter wonderland tablescape

snowy table theme

I placed mirrors in the middle of the table to play the part of an ice skating rink on the table for my acrylic skating snowmen, and to add sparkle to the table.  I then layered “buffalo snow” across the middle of the table and added various white items like snowflakes, snowballs, and candles.


white Christmas table theme

A mirror, white votive, and a mini Bailey’s at each place setting…

I glued a small chocolate snowman onto each place-name card.

a White Christmas theme dinner party

Mini silver photo frames (that I got at Crate & Barrel several years ago) with “holiday messages” were scattered on the table

Christmas/holiday dinner party menu

A copy of our menu displayed on the table


snowman decorating theme

I continued my snowy white decorating theme here too.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy and Healthy 2015 Holiday Season~

snowman decorating

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7 Responses to “White Christmas” Dinner Party

  1. Mary Jane says:

    I love the white theme…the table is beautiful!

  2. scimsiam says:

    Your white Christmas theme and table decor are exquisite for a special Christmas celebration! Love the use of snow and ice – snowflake decor, snowball candles, icicles, snowmen, and even an ice skating pond – to carry out the theme. The angels were a perfect touch leading into your spectacular dining room. What a beautiful creation! Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. scimsiam says:

    Even your napkins look like snowflakes! Spectacular tablescape for Christmas! Makes me start dreaming about a white Christmas with stars in my eyes!

  4. Rose says:

    Absolutely beautiful! What size mirrors did you use?

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