Auction and Basket Items – Part II: Sports and Restaurant/Food Ideas

This is the second part of ideas/baskets for silent auction items for a fundraiser event.  This post highlights some sports and restaurant/food ideas/baskets.

Sports Items

Sports items almost always do well at both silent and live auctions.  We love our sports – both locally and nationally!  Sports items can also bring out “the competitive nature” of some people and produce a “bidding war” driving up the price of the item.

What golfer wouldn’t want to invite a few friends for an afternoon on the links…We used a golf basket (commonly used to carry practice balls at a driving range) and filled it with golf items such as balls, tees, a club brush, a couple of beers, and snacks.  Of course, a gift certificate to play 18 holes of golf at a country club was included also.

The golf basket, called “The 19th Hole”, all set up for the auction…

Tickets to a favorite college or pro team game is always a hit…Making a creative poster with all the game/ticket info helps showcase the auction item

Restaurant/Food Items

“That’s Amore”…We took a gift card to an Italian restaurant and added various Italian-type food items to this basket lined with a red and white fabric

Another year, the same local Italian restaurant again generously donated a gift card, but this time we made it into “an outing”:  dinner and movie passes for two…

The following pictures are what we called “Taste of the Town”:  we combined gift cards from several restaurants into one item/basket

This particular year the restaurant gift cards were put into a cute basket with various goodies…

Another year, gift cards were combined with the restaurants’ menus and inserted into a glass frame at the auction…

“Round the Town”:  same idea as above but a Costco gift card was combined with restaurant gift cards…

One year Bonefish Restaurant generously donated a basket that the restaurant had put together for us complete with their gift certificates inside of it.

Calling all beer lovers…this basket had a sample of 13 different beers from all over the world.  Snacks, Baileys, and a bottle of wine were included also.

Sometimes by just adding a special item or the littlest detail to an auction basket can make the biggest difference…

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