Building a Dream Home: Paint, Granite, and Tile Decisions

Paint Decisions…

Our paint decisions involved deciding on paint colors for the walls of each interior room.  It also included paint/stain color decisions related to all cabinets, moldings, and casings in the house.  We were allowed 10 wall/cabinet color changes and 4 ceiling color changes with our builder, Jeff Paul.  Not all builders allow this many color changes, but this was the deal we had originally worked out with Jeff.

I had been really dreading this point in our building process…I knew I was not merely making paint and stain decisions.  These decisions would have a “domino effect” on so many other things I would be required now not to only think about, but decide.  I was permanently impacting and ultimately limiting our color choices for other design elements like countertops, tile, fabrics, and furniture.  This was a major crossroads for me…

When you walk in the front door of a house, I think it is important that there is a good flow from room to room and there is continuity throughout it.  This is what I wanted too, beginning with my color palette selections.

Photo credit: Houzz Entry by Brian Watford ID

Photo credit: Houzz
Entry by Brian Watford ID

This entry knows how to deliver a great first impression! I, too, decided on a neutral color for our foyer/entry.

Our Paint Decision Adventure:

  Lucia Harness (my designer) and I spent 2 straight days at the house to discuss and select all our paint/stain decisions (along with discussions involving countertops, tile, etc.).  Lucia who, of course, has been through this process many times before, came mightily prepared for this event.   “My gal” brought a folding table and chairs with her for us to work.  At this stage of building, the only other option for us to work at there would have been the cold concrete floor.  So what a comfort difference that made for our long work days!! I wish I had taken a photo for you to see.  Another critical item(s) Lucia had brought with her were her paint color wheels and boxes of color samples from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

For many months, Lucia and I had been gathering countertop and tile samples that we thought were worth considering.  We also had already decided on a light cream paint color for all the casings and moldings throughout the house (with the exception of the Study).  Since our home is French Country in style, the natural starting point was to begin looking at some blue and bluish-gray colors.  Over the course of the next two days, Lucia and I selected some blue tones for some of the bedrooms and baths.  We then selected other coordinating colors like creams, beige, browns, grays, and a wonderful yellow for the kitchen.

A Quick Look Back at Our Decision-Making Process:

Throughout the process, we would look at our current paint choices and see how they were looking with the many tile and countertop samples we had acquired.

Painted Cabinet  Decisions: Now and Then…

If you recall from my previous blog post, “Trim Decisions”, this is the bath cabinet with the front curvature now painted a cream color.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but this bathroom cabinet is painted a light blue color .  The  X’s including the center molding piece will be glazed with a silver hi-lite to accent the exquisite details.  I plan on putting antique mirrored glass in the door panels.

Here you can see some of our granite samples for this bath…I also plan on putting this divine wallpaper in there.  A very, cool mirror above the sink will complete the look in here.

Stained Cabinet Decisions:  Now and Then…

Remember our Study photos from my previous blog post?  Well, this photo shows one of the first steps in our process for selecting the stain color for that room.  We were seeing how the stain sample looked in the actual room with a sample of the hardwood flooring that will be going in there.


  Look how beautiful the stain color turned out.  Nothing says warm and cozy like a room filled with wood…

We are also very pleased with the work that Jeff’s paint/stain crew did with our Pantry cabinets.  We were looking for that timeless elegance that mahogany cabinets can exude.

The stain in this bath cabinet shows off the molding detail in the center panel and the fluted molding on the side of the cabinet.  We wanted a slightly masculine feel in this bath.

Tile/Countertop Decisions…

A photo showing our tile selection with a possible granite choice.  We did not use this unusual granite selection for this bath, but we did choose to use it in another room.

We looked at so many tiles…

The backsplash tile in this photo is from Walker Zanger’s Contessa collection.  I love that it has an old world feel to it while being very beautiful too.  This is the backsplash tile I selected for one of the walls in my kitchen.

This is the granite countertop and backsplash tile Lucia and I selected for the Butlers Pantry.  We had already decided on using this collection of Asian wall tiles in there.   One of the days after we made that decision, we were out trying to select granite slabs for several rooms including the Butlers.  Both of us stopped in our tracks when we spotted this extraordinary granite.  We think our tile and granite selections will be gorgeous together!!

Our floor tile, granite, and paint color selections for the Utility Room.

A photo of the current stage of our Utility Room.  The tile was just laid this week!  You can also see the cream cabinets and beadboard.  I have always loved a checkerboard look for floor tile.

Final Words:

As I continue to add other layers of design elements to our home such as lighting, fabrics, and furniture, I am hoping I have started to create a beautiful backdrop for them.

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